Scale Smarter not Harder: Level Up Your Dental Practice with the Productive Dentist Workshop

The ultimate skills workshop designed to make associate dentists as productive as possible

What’s the growth secret successful practices use to scale effortlessly?

We’re always looking to grow our practices without consuming infinite precious time.

We want growth without stress from longer hours. We want success without sacrificing time with family and friends.

Building your team's revenue generating skills is the single biggest investment in ensuring business growth.

To achieve great success you must have a team you can delegate to and rely on.

The Productive Dentist Workshop gives hands-on training to Associate Dentists.

Improving the skills your practice needs to grow consistently.

Upskill your team in One Short Day

Productive Associate Dentists with the clinical & business skills to build revenue are your revenue engine

Learn from the experts how to build these skills

Win regular referrals through customer care

Develop techniques to build strong & profitable patient relationships
Rev up your recurring revenue

Productive Dentist is a world-class workshop for dental associates that shows you how to:


Build a Book

Learn how to fill a book with happy patients who ‘pay, stay and refer’


Build Revenue

Encourage patients to accept treatments and complete their treatment plans (without being sales-y)


Deliver clinical excellence

Treat patients to the highest standards and build relationships that encourage referrals

During the workshop we will build skills in:

  • Build a patient base
  • Have a productive appointment book
  • Present treatment options for easy acceptance
  • Encourage retention
  • Apply intelligent work flows to deliver high-quality care
  • And much more!

Places are filling fast with practice owners looking to start scaling more effortlessly

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be focused on upskilling Associate Dentists to become rockstar team members.

Practice Owners are encouraged to accompany Associates to learn together how to enhance their practice and build a strong team.

Dental Practice growth comes from teamwork, building winning processes together and sharing success!

Where and When is the Workshop?

This is a one-day workshop which will be held on

Saturday 16th of October 2021

8:30AM - 5:00PM

Zoom Online Session

3 Reasons You Should Be There

Exceptional Information
Actionable Tactics
Real Results

Attending this workshop is a ‘no brainer’ because you will…


Walk away with skills for life and learn how to…
  • Market yourself
  • Fill your appointment book
  • Attract the ideal patient
  • Present treatments (and get them accepted)
  • Keep your pipeline full with happy, repeat patients
  • Earn well so you can enjoy the life you have always wanted


Find out how to tap into the power of the intrapreneurial mindset.
  • As an associate, you can’t always wait for your practice owner to ‘feed’ you. You need to be able to operate independently while still working as part of a team. During the workshop, I will show you exactly how to achieve this winning mindset.


Discover how to attain the 3 Pillars of Dental Success:
  1. 1
    Work with nice people
  2. 2
    Earn a great living
  3. 3
    Make a difference by giving value to others.

You need all 3 to be truly successful because…

  • If you work with nice people and give value but don’t make money, it’s unsustainable
  • If you make money and work with nice people but don’t give value, it’s unfulfilling
  • If you give value and make money but work with unkind people, it’s unrewarding

Meet Dr. Jesse Green, One of Australia’s Leading Dental Coaches

Hi! It’s Dr. Jesse Green and I’m so glad to see you here!

A dentist, coach and best-selling author, I run Australia’s leading entrepreneurial community for dentists.

And I will be your host and teacher during the Productive Dentist Workshop, a fabulous, ‘roll up your sleeves’ results-oriented event.

Why should you learn from me?

Well…for starters… I am a dentist myself.

I’ve spent decades in the trenches running my own practice.

I’ve built up several 7-figure practices both for myself and other dentists.

I’ve walked the walk.

I’ve learned exactly what it takes to create a practice that generates consistent high profits, happy patients and a team that works independently.

All the principles I teach are timeless, ‘real world’ methods that are guaranteed to work.

In fact, my mastermind clients consistently enjoy up to 100% revenue increases in as little as 12 months!

Give me one short day and I’ll show you how to get the results you are looking for…

What Other Dentists Have to Say

Dr G. – Brisbane

I’ve never earned so much and worked so little. Working with Dr. Jesse Green is brilliant!

Dr A. - Melbourne

Before working with Jesse, I worked over 180 days a year and my profit was $350,000. Since working with Jesse, I now work just 65 days a year and take home over $1 million.

Dr. Tom Te Kloot - Gold Coast

I have been able to increase my profit by over $150,000, structure my clinical days to provide for more family time and have been able to bring on another part time provider.

Dr J. – Sydney

We started working with Dr Green 10 months ago, and in this short time we have seen our revenue triple and our team and practice grow to a level where we can be confident of our future growth strategies. …I would recommend working with Jesse to any practice owner regardless of the stage of ownership

Dr. M - Victoria

Before joining the Practice Max program, my days, nights and weekends were spent working in the business. I was tired, focusing on getting from one week to the next and really dreaming about the day when things were supposed to get easier...In the last 12 months I’ve managed to double my practice profit while reducing my clinical days. I currently only work 3 clinical days a week and spend 1 day working on the business. By the end of the year I’ll drop my clinical days to 2 without impacting on what I take home. I work smarter, not harder, giving me time to spend on the things I love outside of work.

Dr Mark Miller - Brisbane

I suppose that in Dentistry I like to under promise and over deliver. Well Jesse has done that for me in our coaching relationship since the very beginning. He is personable beyond your expectation and his knowledge depth of the business of Dentistry is unfathomable. He is a great gentleman who lives his talk and encourages others to do the same.


Who is this workshop for?

How long is the workshop?

What makes your event different than any of the others?

How do I know that the methods you teach will really work for me?

I’m a practice owner and would like to help me motivate my associate. Can you do that?


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