How to Have A First-Class Dental Practice
(Without having to work 24/7)

For any ambitious dentist who wants to exponentially grow practice profits and still have quality free time to enjoy their life…

Let me ask you a question…

Can you tell me what is the ONE difference between a dentist who has a booming practice filled with satisfied patients and run by a happy, self-sufficient team…. and the dentist who struggles every day with demanding patients, crippling overheads and an inefficient, unhappy staff?

If you guessed, “he was just the best dentist in his class”, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed, “he is well connected to a preferred provider”, you are incorrect.

If you guessed, he is “lucky” or “has his practice in the right location”, again you would be

oh-so-very wrong.

Because here’s the deal…

The secret to a profitable dental practice is not just about being a great dentist.

Nor is it about ‘luck’, location or links to the ‘right’ people.


It’s about cracking the code about how to run a successful business.

Because when you run a dental practice, you are not just a dentist.

You are also a business owner.

Problem is?

That’s one course they forgot to teach you in dental school…

No one ever showed you how to make more profits, efficiently market your practice,

fill your day with happy (repeat) patients or manage a team.

But the good news is that it’s really not hard to crack the code…

You simply need a step-by-step roadmap.

But before we get to that…let’s talk a bit about where you are NOW.

Does this sound like your day?

You get up in the morning… and the race is already on.

You grab a quick breakfast and kiss your wife or husband and kids before rushing out the door.

You rush over to your office and arrive just in time to greet your first patient.

The first of many you’ll see this morning.

You take great pride in the excellent care you provide…

you just wish you weren’t always so tired or pressed for time.

For lunch you grab a bite—if you can squeeze it in between handling an emergency patient or answering your staff’s (endless) questions.

By 5, the team wraps up and prepares to go home.

You’re not so lucky.

You stick around to finish up some paperwork.

By the time you get home, the kids are already in bed.

Over a late dinner, your partner catches you up on what happened during the day.

You smile.

But inside you are sad.

Sad that you never have free time to enjoy your family—or to do the things you love.

After dinner, you go to your home office to handle payroll and do more paperwork.

A dentist by day, you run the business side of things at night.

You’re exhausted.

You’re stressed.

You’re worried.

Omg, do you worry…

You worry about…

The health insurance companies which make you feel powerless.

The threat of competition fueled by more and more dentist entering the marketplace.

Your team’s lack of independence and motivation.

The time you spend away from your family…time you will never ever get back…

You suffer from regular attacks of the ‘if onlys’.

If only you had set up your practice somewhere else.

If only you had hired different people.

If only you were better at business.

If only this whole ‘being a dentist’ thing could just be EASIER. 

But You Still Dream… 

Despite all the challenges, you hold out hope.

For starters, you have come a long way already.

You’ve worked hard—and invested so much—to get where you are.

Your practice is SOLID.

You know you have everything it takes to get to the Next level.

A profitable practice with happy patients and a powerhouse team.

And a life where you will finally have free time to spend doing the things you love.

But before we talk about HOW you might do that (and yes, it’s totally possible!), let’s first talk about what might be holding you


So… What’s Holding You Back?

Here are some of the classic myths or beliefs that might be holding you back from attaining your goals: 

Myth #1
The Magic Pill

One of the most common myths is that there is a ‘magic pill’—a super simple secret to success that will solve all your problems overnight.

But the truth is there is NO silver bullet or quick fix.

The real recipe for success is to create a business plan that you then IMPLEMENT.

Not a magic pill maybe. But a surefire way to get magical results.

Being a great dentist is enough

Another very popular myth is that ‘all you have to do’ is be an excellent dentist and everything else will ‘take care of itself’.

Being a great clinician is essential of course. But it’s not enough to ensure financial success.

Whether you like it or not, you wear two hats—one as a clinician and one as a business owner.

Which means that your success hinges not only on your ability to master dentistry—but to master the art of management and marketing as well! 

It’s possible to create a dental practice that works entirely without you.

Another popular myth is the idea that you can create a dental practice that makes money for you 24/7 while you sit by the pool drinking cocktails.

This model just doesn’t exist.

You can leverage your time.

You can create a team that is very self-sufficient.

You can even step away from doing clinical work.

But to ensure sustainable success, you will need to remain engaged with your practice, your team and your patients.

You need to run your practice like a business…because that’s precisely what it is! 

Everyone else is doing it right

It’s just too easy to believe that everyone else is super successful—particularly when you judge them by the glittering ‘perfect’ practices they present on Facebook.

Please remember there is a Facebook life and there is real life. Don’t get too caught up in comparing your reality with someone else’s ‘highlight’ reel. 

The Secret to Getting the Dental Practice You Want

So…what’s the solution?

What’s the best way to reclaim power over our practice, our time…our lives?

First, let’s call a spade a spade.

Doing things the way you’ve always done them in the past just isn’t going to cut it.

You need to draw a line in the sand and say…

Things need to change.

To build long-term financial success with your practice, you need to master the art of dentistry and the art of business.

You need to market and manage your practice at the same level of competence that you practice your profession as a dentist.

Using proven systems and principles.

You need a ROADMAP.

A step-by-step system that ensures you leverage your time well, you attract the right kind of patients, you train your team to be independent and you generate sustainable high levels of revenues and profits.

And last but not least, you need a guide to help keep you ‘on track’.

The way I see it is that you have all the ingredients to create the practice of your dreams.

You just don’t have the recipe.

That’s where I come in. ☺

So Who the Heck am I to Tell You All of this?

Hi! I’m Dr. Jesse Green and I’m glad you’ve stopped by.
As an entrepreneur, practicing dentist and Australia’s leading dental coach, I have worked with dozens of dentists to help them transform their practices.
Why should you listen to me?
Well…for starters… I’ve been a dentist myself.
I’ve spent decades in the trenches running my own practice.
I’ve walked the walk.
I know the struggles. I’ve made the mistakes.
I’ve learned exactly what it takes to create a practice that generates consistent profits, happy patients and a team that works independently.
And my dream is to share that knowledge with an elite group of dentists.
The Best of the Best.
A group of dentists who have already achieved success in their field…but want to go farther.
Dentists who want to deliver the highest quality care for their patients, positively impact their communities and leave a legacy.
All while carving out a better life and lifestyle for themselves…
That means YOU. 

Here’s what they have to say

Dr G. – Brisbane

I’ve never earned so much and worked so little. Working with Dr. Jesse Green is brilliant!

Dr A. - Melbourne

Before working with Jesse, I worked over 180 days a year and my profit was $350,000. Since working with Jesse, I now work just 65 days a year and take home over $1 million.

Dr. Tom Te Kloot - Gold Coast

I have been able to increase my profit by over $150,000, structure my clinical days to provide for more family time and have been able to bring on another part time provider.

Dr J. – Sydney

We started working with Dr Green 10 months ago, and in this short time we have seen our revenue triple and our team and practice grow to a level where we can be confident of our future growth strategies. …I would recommend working with Jesse to any practice owner regardless of the stage of ownership

Dr. M - Victoria

Before joining the Practice Max program, my days, nights and weekends were spent working in the business. I was tired, focusing on getting from one week to the next and really dreaming about the day when things were supposed to get easier...In the last 12 months I’ve managed to double my practice profit while reducing my clinical days. I currently only work 3 clinical days a week and spend 1 day working on the business. By the end of the year I’ll drop my clinical days to 2 without impacting on what I take home. I work smarter, not harder, giving me time to spend on the things I love outside of work.

Dr Mark Miller - Brisbane

I suppose that in Dentistry I like to under promise and over deliver. Well Jesse has done that for me in our coaching relationship since the very beginning. He is personable beyond your expectation and his knowledge depth of the business of Dentistry is unfathomable. He is a great gentleman who lives his talk and encourages others to do the same.

Introducing the Savvy Dentist Academy

The Savvy Dentist Academy is an elite entrepreneurial resource created for dentists who are looking to take their practice to the Next level.

Inside the Academy you will get easy-to-implement systems that will explode revenues, boost profitability, optimise team performance, help you leverage your time and service your patients with the highest quality care.

The rich resources are all built to help you work faster and smarter.

Here’s what you will get inside the Academy

The Money Machine (Value $5,000)

A 12-week blueprint that gives you step-by-step instructions of how to rev up your revenue, boost performance and power up your profits.

The Money Machine will show you how to: 


Forecast Finances

Get access to our ground-breaking financial forecasting so you can:

  • Create a concrete plan to reach your financial goals
  • Measure your progress with easy-to-use tools
  • Learn where to ‘dig’ for more cash flow by using a ‘treasure map’
  • Discover a proven method to generate surplus wealth-building cash


Structure Your Appointment Book

Re-structure your appointments so you:

  • Meet your revenue targets with ease
  • Optimise patient care by scheduling procedures in ideal time slots
  • Balance flexibility for your patients with predictability for your team
  • Always receive patients on time (a great stress reducer for everyone!)


Plug Patient Leaks

Discover how to plug patient leaks in order to:

  • Maximise the return on your marketing investment
  • Ensure your appointment book is filled
  • Build a recall system which delivers recurring profits
  • Retain patients over time, strengthening both relationships and revenue


Elevate Team Performance

Find out how to build a self-managing team in order to:

  • Better leverage your time
  • Deliver consistent high-quality care for your patients
  • Tap into the best talent in the marketplace
  • Ensure that daily operations are seamless 


Deliver Outstanding Communications

Tap into the power of excellent communications by learning how to:

  • Ask for reviews and referrals, generating new patients for free
  • Handle complaints so that every patient becomes your biggest fan
  • Allow patients to choose their appointments (without disrupting the schedule) 
  • Suggest additional treatments to your patients in a natural way
A groundbreaking discount program (Value $14,500+)

Every Academy member will be able to access dozens of substantial discounts which will literally save you thousands a month on lab work, digital marketing, accountancy fees and products for your practice.

These discounts represent a minimum annual savings of $14,520, which literally mean the Academy pays for itself several times over.

Here are some of the examples of discounts you can expect as soon as you become an Academy member:

Orien Dental

Save 15% off the marked price of consumablesfor an average savings of $3240+/year

Race Dental lab

Enjoy preferred corporate pricing. Existing clients report savings of up to $4200 per annum once they made the switch.

**Conditions apply

JR Marketing group

Save up to $3,600/year on a range of digital marketing packages.

Superior Accounting Group

Receive 10% off your accounting fees and save $1,000+/year.


Save 10% ($480/year) on a platform that handles patient interactions and reviews.

Green Arrow Digital

Put your marketing into overdrive with this groundbreaking Google AdWords Training for Dental Practices. Normal price is $4,000. Academy members save $2000.

Five by Five

Save $1,483.35 on a Standard dentistry website and $41.25 / Month + GST on a website care package

OrthoEd Mini Masters in Orthodontics

Save 5% off the full price of tuition which is normally priced at $22,499 plus GST (a saving of $1124.95) and receive up to 3 hours of 1 on 1 case consultation with founder and curriculum director Dr Geoff Hall valued at $2400. The total saving on this package is $3524.95.

A monthly on-line training session (Value $5,000)

Every month, you will receive an exclusive on-line training session covering the latest information on a variety of crucial issues: team development, increased profitability, time management, marketing and patient care. 

Plus Some Amazing Bonuses

And when you join the Academy, you will also receive 3 amazing ‘not to be missed’ bonuses:

Internal Marketing Course (Value $995)

Get your practice noticed by the right people with this simple marketing system designed to fill your appointment books with high quality patients. 

Recordings of past online training events (Value PRICELESS)

Accelerate your growth with this treasure box of proven strategies and tools that until now have been shared only with my higher-end coaching clients.

Here are a few examples of past topics:

  • Systems for High Performance Practice
  • Strategic Marketing for Full Appointment Books
  • Build and Lead a High-Performance Team
Extra Log In for 1 Extra Team Member (Value $1,800)

Achieve your goals more quickly by giving a team member access to the Academy.

To Sum Up, Here’s What You Get
When You Join the Savvy Dentist Academy

  • The Money Machine gives you all the tools you need to rev up your revenue, boost performance and power up your profits.
  • An elite Academy Discount Program lets you save at least $14,520/year.
  • Exclusive monthly trainings share all the latest techniques to build your practice.
  • 3 extraordinary bonuses accelerate your growth with a marketing course, extra Academy login for a team member and recordings of our past high-level coaching events.

All of these added together is a value of over $30,000.

But don’t worry… you won’t have to pay near that amount.

You won’t have to pay half of that.

Or even half of that again.

(PLEASE DON’T FORGET-the exclusive Academy Discount Program alone pays for the price of admission several times over, making joining the Academy a ‘no-brainer’!)

I have intentionally kept your investment low.

I KNOW what it’s like to be ‘stuck’ with your practice (yep…been there, done that. ☹)

That’s why a long time ago, I committed to helping as many dentists as possible to get ‘unstuck’.

That’s why I have spent years developing simple systems that are proven to work.

That’s why I’ve helped dozens of dentists to 3x their revenues (while reducing their hours)

That’s why I’ve created the Savvy Dentist Academy, a resource like no other.

Savvy Dentist Academy Membership 

To Sum Up, Here’s What You Get
When You Join the Savvy Dentist Academy

  • The Money Machine gives you all the exact step-by-step blueprint and tools you need to dramatically increase your revenue, profit and cash flow.
  • An elite Academy Discount Program lets you save up to $14,520/year.
  • Exclusive monthly trainings share all the latest techniques to build your practice.
  • 3 extraordinary bonuses accelerate your growth with a marketing course, extra Academy login for a team member and recordings of our past online training events.
  • Key Person Accelerator Call where our team will train your key person to assist you achieve your practice goals.
The Savvy Dentist Academy is open by Application Only

Our “Love it or Leave it” Money Back Guarantee

It has been am so confident that the Savvy Dentist Academy will help you move your practice to the Next Level that I want to make it as easy as humanly possible to give you a confident ‘yes’.

Enter the Savvy Dentist Academy “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee.

You have a full 30 days to decide whether or not the Savvy Dentist Academy works for you.

If after a month of applying our method and using our resources you decide you want to leave, just let us know.

We’ll hit undo on the whole ‘let’s get you the practice you’ve always dreamed of’ experiment and return your money.

No questions asked.

No hard feelings.

This means that you take ZERO risk when you join the Academy.

Ready to Take the First Step?

What would it mean to you to have a powerful profitable practice that is run by a self-managing team, attracts the very best patients and delivers ever-increasing revenue and profits?

What would it feel like to earn more and work less?

One thing for sure.

We dentists aren’t ‘just’ dentists…we are business men too.

And to unleash the potential of our practices, we need to understand how to run our businesses.

That’s where the Savvy Dentist Academy comes in.

Think of the Academy as a dentist’s M.B.A. without the stress or hassle.
An elite resource for dentists who want to build a world class-practice.

Join the Academy.

The practice of your dreams is literally waiting for you inside…


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